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Stamp in the secret lake

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1Stamp in the secret lake Empty Stamp in the secret lake on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:36 am


ok, tihs is oging ot go backwards. form the newest ot oldesty. so if u want to check this out in order, u;ll have to start form the back. k?
Stamp and the Secret Lake
(Snows pov) I nodde d happily and stood up.
Whelp, alright. Where are we to go?” I asked and grinned. Kay sat down and sighed, Reo just looked at her.
"Well…the first place probably would be Autumn’s. He does have her.”
“AUTUMN HAS HER?!” I screamed and made everyone jump a little. You blinked.
"Autumn’s my best friend, isn’t he?”
(Remember, we met him at a game place when we were looking for…uh…I don’t remember now.)
Kay seemed to narrow her eyes.
"Why would that low life be your friend?! He’s awful! He kidnapped Nekora!” She screamed. Reo put his hand on her shoulder.
"I can understand…Hit and I have been friend a long time…if something were to happen to her-”
"I wasn’t talking about Hit!” Kay snapped. I frowned.
"Hey, we’re just trying to help!” You snapped. I sighed and flicked my tail.
"You know what…Very well…” I said aloud and grabbed your tail. “You don’t need us and we don’t need you.”
I pulled you out of the room, along with Aries. Kay and Reo sat quietly. I spoke to you in our minds.
"Listen, we will save Nekora, weather they like it or not!”
You sighed lightly and stood up.
"What if they don’t, Snow? Then what?” You asked. I smiled, well grinned and spoke, “Simple. We do it anyway! Something like this hasn’t stopped us before!”

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2Stamp in the secret lake Empty Re: Stamp in the secret lake on Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:03 am


The room grew silent, even Rose woke up from her sleep. Everyone was staring at you, even Shadow who hardly pays any attention. Kay let her bangs hang over her face as she spoke, “Yes. We know she is missing.”
<br />Reo gaped at both, you and Kay. Ulio just blinked. Rose and I sat up and Aries flew down from the fan.
<br />“Well, where is she, Kay?” I asked, not really knowing why this was a big deal. Reo looked form Kay to me.
<br />“She…She…” Kay muttered. Reo quickly added, “She is at home. She was really sick.”
<br />You raised your eyebrow. Before you spoke, I slapped my tail over your mouth. I told you in our heads, “Wait, let me handle this, okay?”
<br />You just nodded. I nodded too.
<br />“Reo, how did she get sick. It’️s the middle of summer there. For her to get sick…”
<br />“She just got sick. We don’️t know how. As Kay told you before, we were just walking around and we heard fighting, screaming actually.”
<br />You frowned. I slowly put my tail on your shoulders.
<br />“Hmm, I see…” I mumbled as I stood up and started pacing.
<br />“Aren’️t we all friends here?” I asked everyone. They nodded.
<br />“Of course,” you blabbered out. I nodded.
<br />“Hmm. I see. Then when do the lies stop?” I hissed. Reo blinked in confusion. I flicked my tail.
<br />“You have been lying to us?!” Aries snapped. I wagged my tail.
<br />“Tell us the truth, Kay.” I said calmly. She looked away, but finally snapped.
<br />“Nekora was kidnapped!” She yelled. Once again the room grew quiet. Everyone looked at us. I blinked and looked at you. You sighed.
<br />“Why couldn’️t you tell us that from the start? We could’️ve helped you.” I said sadly. Kay sighed.
<br />“That’️s the problem. We were afraid you’️d get kid napped as well.” Reo spoke up. We started laughing. Ah, come on! They seriously didn’️t know us.

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3Stamp in the secret lake Empty Re: Stamp in the secret lake on Wed Jul 07, 2010 9:43 pm


Welcome to the world of deniability. In this case, millions of rounds of .30-'06 military ammo was produced in 1953 that was headstamped AN,BN or CN followed by 40 and a single digit and possesed a red laquer seal around the primer. Although there is no official description of this ammo (it is labelled 'unknown' in the declassified Small-Caliber Ammunition Identification Guide (U) Volume 1 (DST-1160G-514-81-Vol1) and other government sources) collectors speculate that the ammo was made by the arsenals listed and was for clandestine operations.

Given the time period (Korea/Communism) and the weapons (M1 Garand, BAR, M1919) and the fact that the US did run some ops in the SE Asian quarter during the Cold War as well as equipping lots of 'friendlies' to work behind the lines........

'Sterile ammo'. The words conjure up images of secret policeman investigating an assination and puzzling over the only evidence, an unidentifiable cartridge case. No doubt, sterile ammo may be used for that, although any police/intelligence unit worth the name is going to be able to figure out the origin of ammunition; its just a matter of time and resources, and thats the real point behind sterile ammo. Maybe the KGB will know where it came from, but some newspaper reporter or travelling congressman won't. Some of the more mundane uses for sterile ammo are: avoiding sanctions against shipping arms to a country, avoiding political policy that prevents helping insurgents (US aid to contras for example), concealing the amount of involvement in another country, etc.
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