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Twisting fates

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1Twisting fates Empty Twisting fates on Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:19 am


(this is where we were atempting to re-write the lost- first-best orle play we ever did. i rmeeber it well. alot of it. it was what started us off to our currnet place now- awesoem role players nad evne better story writers. this hwere it all began. though i doubt eithero f us have hte very first- and its bene long gone for years now, but here was where er tired to re-write! i rmeeber we had started out by bothwalking out of our doors, credit cards of our parnets, oen of us new to the neighbor hood, and we kind of chated. u know me, kind of weary and guared, snoiw, lively and hyper. suddnely these dogs pull up and steal our credits cards and stuff. worried aobut what our parnets might say, we boht ran after them, but hteir car was too fast. alot of things poped up sundeely. i thnik the real character- our first bwesides us, was or is now called Shadow. before howeve,r his name was Scar. rmeeber that snow? anyhow. we got a car, hoped in and chased after them. we were catching up when usddenly our vehicle was ran off or soemtihng. then i got a motorcylce and has snow hop on the back. and we raced ahead of the dogs, takjng back our stuff and tuanuting them as we speed off. the followed, shotting or soemtihnngof the sort. i saw a wall suddnely and turned a hard left, skidding the bike dangerous, alomst touchnig the ground on its side, bot hsnow and i. but we managed htre turn, but the dogs did not. howeve,r there was more than one car in pursiute i belcive. and thye had more rhtan just cars as well. i think we finally escaped by helicopter tohugh. anyhow, then irmeeber us someohw runing inrto Scar, a lazy, bumped out dog/wolf, who wasnt important really to the other dogs in the 'gang' 'clan' 'colt' 'dominaiton society' whatever thing. we bribed him wih soda nad twikies tohugh. and him, being him, agreed. he helepd us get pass suceruity atnight, into the back parking lot of the dogs hide out place. snow and i had costumes, descized as dogs, so if we were cuaght, we still mgiht have a chance. so, basically, while we started ot try and nseak in, Scar was passed out from all the soda and twinkies he ate. snoring happily in the car. so we snuck in, and i belvie one of us pressed a button. setting off an alarm. so we had to escape, but failed to do so. but palyed along,and they tohught us part of hte team. however, with our luck we run in to THE boss of the whole dog operations. we try ot play it cool, mostly me talking seeing how snow bakc then was REALLY hyper and laid back (good triat) and yes she still is, but if u read r were able to read our past psot, u can see how our characters developed and grew and i belive we may have ourselfs (touching ,no? *grins) anyhow .we we end up convinceing the dude that we were trianers, well i was, and Scar -or Shadow now (kind of) comes in, and almsot gives us away. i tell hi mto go down to the trianih room and do double of the udual, stat. Snow was either my right hnad, a trainnee for my job, partner, or studnet. i forgot. i bleive she might had been a higher rank now that i tihnk aobut it. i forget. anyhow, somehow we got out of that plac,e aware of the plans of the big boss and all. we hear a knockingo n the door. the big boss dog coems in all causal and ocne agian we talk carefully when he sudnely admits he knew we were fruads and kills us bruetally on the spot. ....we wkae up later...some where. a diffrnet life..a diffrent place. memories of all that happened, hidden. erased. we go bakc to being jsut firneds, playnig around nad having grand old fun and adventures. until we run into Scar again. then we all rmeeber what happened. we chekc the dates. confused we chec k agia. someohw, whatever had happened, had not...happened. it was erased. re started, etc. i belive we try to think on a new pkan to find out how to get into the dog place again, but while we do so, outr curiousity and indness, and arogance brings us to searchingf a msytry for a firned of ours. we find this cave under a lake, wthst we somehow dried up temperoaly. this is where we find and awkaen Aries. then we learn of our family in the castle area (i mgut hbe a bit our ot order by now) abut anyhow. we find out that snow is my mother in the relm/ sort of. but later we find we are acutally twins. but in the castle we meet the 5 kits. we live that happiest here. and we met- learn about Dark- who was considered a threat, a bad guys back then. wich cuased us once mroe to be flushed out. and we go on to leanr thart aries is not the olbny one of her kind and that we must find all of her kin. all of the elamental dragons, and bring them to a lkae nearby the forests by the castle. and over time a lone time, we do. but first we had replayed our story, over nad over, each time ieing,ro soemting else gonig worng. liek at one point, sonw nas i could understand eahcothers tohughts (which permantly stays) when we wished. but only eachothers nad hte 5 kits. snows kneclkace form our mother had to do with that. thats hoew dakr became our enemy at first. see, she had sometihng to do with the big boss dog i bleive, or his plans. i forget after so long,. but she had us locked up- diffnret rooms. snow was the worst shape tohugh. arms chained up on a wall, and feet. her necklace stollen by dakr as she tired to fiure out how to unleash and use itd power, who we had only recently ourslefs realized its powers. somehow, i break snow out- tohugh she kind of ends up dsaivng MY tail. we make it out of thsoe cells and are creeping out. a tom with golden caws ?(Winter is his name now i belive. a rare charater indeed.) had helped us and aris too, outside the huge window of the tower, where dakr and the bg dog boss had been. dar kslain the god boss, and was going to go for us. i beive shesuceeded once- but like i siad. we re-winded alot in this. like..soemtihng that wanst ment ot happen, so it repeated (like that moive Ground hog day) and we finalyl got to where we jump out the window, and aires and the Winter (tom w/ golden claws) and Scar save us. and the 5 kits. dark follows after- suposivly falling to her death. it is then ,we realized dark was a she, for her helmet comes off. anyhow. to revesre all of it. to fix it all. so no one dies, and none of this teirble ness will break otu agai. the orignal, me, snow, scar nad tom wiht golden claws, goes into the middle of the 'secret lale' (which if u rmeebe,r is where u met the tom with the golden claws). the elmental draogn all cirlcing it and working as one. we stepped off into the mdidle, and bam. our many adventutes begins. this was the hear t sotry of it all. every bit of it- i wrapped up the best i could out of memor.y tohugh my memory sucks, so snow, if u rmeber antyithtng ileft out, or messed up, elt me know, k? well there it is folks! in a nut show!

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2Twisting fates Empty Re: Twisting fates on Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:38 pm


No. I didn't know that. I never lived anywhere but Ohio. Boring. Nothing ever happens here.
<br />*Sigh*
<br />Wait, What's next on Twisting Fates? Oh and we can eat there. I wanna play some games!!
<br />
<br />>hmm...i belive food is in oder. lets get ot know a little mopre aobut eachotehr by deciding on some awsome place for lunch! *perferabley somewhere with games and stuff*oh! wait hoew about Dragon palace? i LOVED it there! right next to it is a big building with a faris wheel on top, we can eat i belive there was an A&W there. havent eaten there in forver. DP is 2 flors of candy stores, indoor rollercoaster seats, some shops and ARCADESSS!!!!! pleasew?? can we do it there!!??? can we pleasE!?? oh wait...did i even tell u thast i've lived in okinoawa japan before? idk if i did...hmm?*Scartches head and throws hands up in defeat* beats me

Really? Aw, thanks you!
*Bows and random clapping in the background. I turned off the radio.*
Okay, so what happens after this?
*nods head and grins with folded arms* yes, good. better than before even!

Okay, so I thought about completely revising it, but keeping it on the same base line.
Like here, what cha think?
Just tell me what to change.
A long time ago, in a far away land there were two animals born at the same time. One a small colorful cat, the other a white tiger. Secretly these two were born apart, but fate had other plans for them. They just didn't know it yet.
Let's meet our Hero's, shall we?
"Haha! You'll never catch me!"
The colorful cat was riding a shopping cart, holding her mother credit card. On the other side of town the white tiger bought some stuff with hers. She waited until thing were packed before she handed it over.
"Thank you. Come again, Ma'am." The lady said nicely and handed her the bag of items. The white tiger was about to grab it when, "Hey, move out of the way!"
She snapped her head up, but was too late. She was shoved back by a run a way shopping cart with a colorful cat landing on her. Her items flew across the store and the credit cards went flying. The white tiger growled.
"Hey, what the heck is going on? Why did you run me over?" She yelled. The cat shook her head and laughed.
"That was so awesome! Let's do it again!" She yelled happily and grabbed the white tigers wrist. She pulled her to the cart and hopped in, using her back foot to push off.
"Wait, wait!!" The white tiger yelled as the car ran off without any way of stopping. The white tiger yelled, while the colorful cat laughed. Suddenly they hit a rock and were both thrown out again. The white tiger landed first and the colorful cat landed on her.
"What is wrong with you?" She hissed as she wiped herself off. The colorful cat didn't notice and turned to her.
"Hm? You know you need to loosen up. You can't be all business-y all the time!"
The white tiger cocked her head.
"I am loose, just not enough to kill me! Who are you away?" She questioned. The colorful cat became serious, but held that smile on her face.
"I'm Snow Neko, who are you?" She wagged her tail lightly. The white tiger smiled and shook Snow Neko's paw."I'm Hit."

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