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Forgotten Memories Part 12

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1Forgotten Memories Part 12 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 12 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:44 pm


Kay was the first ready. She waited impatiently at the door. She looked at her wrist as if she was wearing a clock.
“Come on! What’s taking so long?” She called down the hallway. Autumn looked up from where he was sitting on the kitchen chair. The room suddenly felt uncomfortable just with Autumn. Kay slowly moved toward to living room, where Hikari and packing bones. She blinked.
“Raven likes to take her time.” She smiled. Kay nodded slowly, she really didn’t hear anything Hikari just said. She was eyeing Reo.
‘Who was he talking to? No! Stop this! Reo’s allowed to date anyone he wants!’ Kay hissed at herself. She blushed and shook her head.
“Wake up, Kay!”
Hikari looked at. She cocked her head.
Kay just blinked and crossed her arms.
“I…uh…I…I didn’t get any sleep!” She laughed at herself. Hikari just shrugged it off. Kay blew at her own bangs.
“Well, I’ll wait outside. Okay, Hikari?” She smiled. Hikari understood. The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife! Kay slowly walked outside. She closed the door behind her and sighed again. She looked around. This place was so bare, how would they find their way out? She blinked.
“Maybe Autumn knows a way…OUT!”
She wasn’t paying attention and she fell in a whole. She landed hard on her butt. She gasped. She stood up, but she’d fallen a very long way. She screamed.
“Help, help!”
Oh, who was she kidding?! No one would find her! She was in a whole that she didn’t even notice! Nonetheless anyone else would! She banged on the ice walls. Something didn’t seem right here. She looked around. There was another hole. She blinked in curiosity and followed the tunnel.
"Alright, lets pack some sandwhiches! Okay, 1...2...3...4...5...and 6" Ulio quickly added "7." "Huh?" "You need to pack 1 more for Nekora." Reo blushed with humiliation. He turned quickly to Ulio and stuttered. "I-uh, look-" Ulio put up his hand and said "Save it..." Then with a pause Ulio gave a small grin. The two guys finished packing the food and went to gather the dogs then to find the girls.
"Woah...what is this place?" Kay looked around in amazment. For an underground tunnel or cave it sure was buetiful. The little light that relfected off the little pools of water dripping all around glittered like gold. As Kay neared the light, she saw grass. She cautuously stepped out into it. "Kashikoi..." She turned in surprise. "M-mom...?"
"Has anyone seen Kay?" Raven asked a little stricken at the thoguht of her newset friend lost or hurt in this weather. "No we've been packing food all day. Shadow, Hikari? Seen her anywhere?" "No, sorry Ulio." Reo quickly jumped up and said "Shadow!" He flinched at his name. Reo quickly said sort of apoligeticly "Sorry... i just a little exctied. But can't you sniff her out? Raven, can you go get a piece of Kays clothing? Anything will do." Raven nodded stiffly and ran into her room, rummaging till she found Kay's pajama shirt. she brought it back and Shadow sniffed it with Hikari. "This way."
Hikari sniffed the floor. She looked up and barked.
“What is it Hikari?” Raven asked as she tightened her coat. Reo was freezing like it was in Antarctica…wait, where they? Anyway, Ulio looked around with Shadow.
“I have found something.” Hikari told Raven. She nodded and whistled to catch everyone’s attention. They walked over to Hikari. There was a deep, deep hole. Raven blinked as she leaned in. A little more…more…
She fell in, but grabbed Reo’s hand. She pulled him with her. Hikari gasped.
She couldn’t just follow her. Shadow looked up.
“What happened, Hikari?” He asked once he had seen her face. She was crying.
“Raven has fallen in! I don’t know what to do!” Se cried. Shadow heard what she said, but looked around for his master.
“We will help her, but where is Reo?” He asked. Hikari looked up at him through her tears.
“She grabbed a hold of him and fell in as well.”
Ulio cocked his head at her words and growled.
“Why did you let him fall in Hikari?” He hissed. Hikari wiped her eyes.
“Hey, wait a minute! If you were here in the first place, then I wouldn’t have been here alone!” She hissed back. They growled at each other. Ulio quickly grabbed Shadow’s collar. Remember back when Reo was shopping for one? Shadow barked at Hikari. Ulio pulled him away.
“That is enough! We have to save them, alright?!” He yelled. Shadow and Hikari looked up at him. They sighed and agreed. Boy what a weird team, don’t you think?
"It's been a long time...Kashikoi." Said the voice. "I know! ...Wait, your not my moth-" Kay gasped. She screamed and tried to flee, but it was too late. She blackedout.
Raven and Reo silently walked together. Raven was blsuhing but Reo coudln't see it in the dark. Raven cursed at herself for not thinking about Kay...oh but she couldn't help it! I'm with Reo and he's holding my hand! Did Kay do this on purpose I wonder? No...she was acting wierd, but ...oh what could have happened to her!! Suddenly Reo let go and raced for a hole that was overflowing with light. Before Raven could say anything she saw Kay sprawled out on the floor, uncoinuos. She raced to her side. Oh no...why Kay? Reo was talking in low tones, his face flushed. Raven and him carried Kay a little farhter up into the cave. They found some rocks near a river. They laid Kay down carfully. She was thrashing and mubbling. Her head felt very hot. Raven wanted to say something but Reo had already ripped off some cloth and was holding it to her forehead. "Hey Raven? Can't you hold this and watch her? I'm gonig to look for some food, and mybe build a fire. we might be here a while." Raven was crestfallen but nodded.
" first..." Shadow said as he looked down the hole. Ulio roled his eyes and tired the rope onto Shadow and Hikari. "Go on, i'll be up here with Autumn to pull you up when you find them, now hurry!" THey nodded and jumped.
Kay was thrashing back and forth. Raven watched her. She dunked the piece of clothing into the water and pulled it out. She watched Kay as she rag it out. She slowly put it on her head. Kay’s sense’s made her grab Raven’s hand. Raven jumped and was about to scream but Reo covered her mouth.
“Relax, it was just her reflexes.” He pointed out. Raven nodded and he pulled his hand away. Kay slowly let go of Raven, which made her sigh in relief. She glanced at Reo.
“Have you found food?” She asked after a moment of silence. Reo nodded and set down some twigs and branches. He pulled out matches, for the sake of me I did no understand why he had, and started the fire. He blew on it once or twice to start it. Raven watched as he set down some berries and red apples. Raven blushed and looked back down at Kay.
“What happened to you?” She asked quietly.
Hikari climbed down fast. I wonder if she had done this before? Autumn just watched as Ulio held them. He looked away.
“Hey, do you think this is safe?” Shadow asked after they hit the bottom. Hikari sighed.
“Yes, now please Uncle, we need to hurry. What if something bad happened?” She asked skeptically. Shadow grumbled and rolled his eyes. He was the first to walk down the tunnel.
Raven threw another pointed stick into the river. She jumped for joy as she almost yelled(but caught herself for Kay’s sake) “I caught one! I caught one!” Reo came over quickly. He grinned and said happily “We’ll all be eating like kings and queens tonight if you keep that up! I’m going to continue slicing the fruit and start to boil some water. I think some tea would be good, don’t you? I know a special herb as well that will help Kay feel better. I can’t leave the fire alone or the fruit, do you think you can go find it, for me please?” Raven looked at him blankly a little and said “Um, sure Reo…what’s it look like?” “Hmm..? Oh, sorry. It looks like a…well a…I guess you can describe it as a purple flower all over it. Medium sized bush with a real nice smell, rosemary is what it’s called I believe. Think you can find it Raven?” Raven nodded and stiffly walked off. Sitting there waiting for a fish and taking care of Kay was starting to have its effects. Truthfully she was thankful for the excuse to walk.
Reo finished with the food and set up the fish by the fire to slowly cook. He settled down beside Kay. She was no longer on the rock; she was on a bed of soft moss and leaves somewhat near the fire. Reo changed the cloth and gently raised her head as he carefully poured some water down her mouth. She flinched for a moment and mumbled something. Reo sighed as he said looking at nothing. “What did happen to you Kay??”
“Ow! Watch it you big lump!” “Sorry, it’s not my falt your so fat!” Hikari gapsed as her eyes grew big. Shadow could feel her starting to get mad by her body tempature. “Woah, wait! I didn’t mean it! Look Hikari…you started it!!” “I don’t care who started it, I’m going to end it!” Shadow quickly said pleadingly “Hikari please! We’ll never get anywhere fighting!” Hikari bowed her head then mubbled loudly. “But we’ve been walking in here for Days!” Shadow barked “It’s only been 2 hours!” Hikari snapped. “You know what I mean!” Shadow just nodded and said as he began to run. “Hikari, look! Light!!” “Huh, wherreeeeeee-?” She yelled as she began to be dragged by Shadows fleeting steps. He barked loudly. Then yelled. “Reo!!! Kay!!! RAVEN!!!”

Kay shook and gasped like she was under water. Her eyes opened wide as she sat up. She looked around herself. Reo and Raven were sleeping by a fire. How’d she get here? She blinked and looked down at herself. She picked up the rag that was now on the floor. She knew it as Reo’s clothing. She sighed and set it down. She pushed herself up.
I can’t believe I fell for that.” She whispered as she munched on a berry she had found. She chewed on it as she watched the water. She picked up a stick and threw it in the water. Naturally she was good at fishing, all cats are. She stuck it over the fire and waited. Once it was done she munched on it, every so often looking over her should to see if she had woken them. She watched the sun come up. She smiled, brushed herself off and headed back to the cave she was pulled from.
“Reo!!! Kay!!! Raven!!!”
She cringed at the sudden noise. It was Shadow. She smiled and hugged him.
“I’m so happy to see you!” She cried. Hikari was out of breath. She fell over gasping for air.
“Next time I go first!” She yelled at Shadow, who rolled his eyes. Kay sighed and scratched her head as they fought.
“Hi-Hikari?” Raven as ked as she wiped her eyes. Reo stayed asleep. I wonder how he could sleep like that?
“Hey, tell us what happened!” Hikari said as she wagged her tail. Kay nodded and slashed water on Reo’s face. He started coughing.
‘Kay, why did you do that?!” He yelled. Kay laughed.
“So, what did happen?” He asked as he wiped his face off. Kay crouched down by the fire. She blinked. Should she tell them? What would it hurt? She watched the fire and sighed.
“Well…it’s like this…” she began.
“What the?”

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2Forgotten Memories Part 12 Empty More? on Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:41 am

Huggles xD

Huggles xD
This story is amazing and I'm upset it ended so abruptly, is there going to be a future for this story.
I hope you see this, despite being a bit inconsistent and confusing I would keep reading this to some kind of ending. Anyway. Thanks for reading. Razz

Pllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassseeeeeee??? Razz

3Forgotten Memories Part 12 Empty Re: Forgotten Memories Part 12 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:28 am


*luaghs goodheatedly* man, your vocab rocks kid! (don't take offense to that, i call even my father that at time, haha, no harm in it) But impessive, and ha, so you like the first official Snow and i started years back, eh? We'd love to, and i speak once for Snow on this matter for i'd stake my life on it! Well...ha, yes! Not sure when, but HEY SONW YOU READIN THIS!? we need to find time to do so, eh? But considering all the new profound words we got and all...this is so...rough, childish, but wit hgreat spots! ha, its amazing how far we've come, you know! well, anyhow, must try to do so...*shrugs* i rarely get internet, its always else where and as far as i know, my number one writing female buddy hasnt been on! *sighs* i hope all is well...but mh, will try (now a nickname for you, for i am extremely lazy on this) oh and um, for Leaf, he's not really mu cuzin, i just joked and called him that to mess with him when he was dating my real cousin, long long story, if you somehow found any curiosity? Hmm....very long story........SNOW I MISS YOU FRIEND! *waves* later then i guess....oh! And for ASWAT-we have almost 200 pages typed on the computer, ill add it all on next time a get a chance, it wont be in this area tohugh, if you fancy interest in looking at it. What we have is over a years old. ha, so ALOT of changes and still gonig has been made. righgt. bye. Rolling Eyes

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