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Its time for a story...

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1Its time for a story... Empty Its time for a story... on Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:27 pm


Once upon a time their was a small loving,kind hearten child who loved to imagination wonders things. Every day he would be lost in his own world making up new things and cherishing those that were already there in his mind. He was never board and never lonely, at least not truly lonely. As time moved on his realm grow and grow into a giant family that was full of smile and laughs. But some things can't stay the same forever.

In the world of reality things had suddenly turn grim, and his realm came to a stop. Slowly his world became tainted by the ever changing events of his life. Fearing that his precious world be lost by this darkness he lock them away with in his mind and heart, hoping to keep them safe. But some things can't simple go away.

to be continued...

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