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1Immortalis Empty Immortalis on Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:29 pm


Lets play a game...oh come and I are both immortal, we will never die. Let's make sure we're alive. After all, immortally is so numbing.

2Immortalis Empty Re: Immortalis on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:21 pm


Off topic REAL fast my friend. This reminded me breaking down how a womans brain works to a man. Now this indeed wasi nteresting but accurate I thought. ^^

Okay work with me on this and picture this.

In our mind ,each emotion is an immortal figure- for an easy way to do this, just imagine hundreds of mini yous with one solid emotion; depression, happiness, bithcness, humorous, snappy, peeve, excited, playful, hurt, etc, k? Lets say our brain in sort of like the game King of the Hill (for those of you who never played, the goal is to get to the top of the hill and remain there the longest- thus that means everyone else is trying to take the spot and knock you down from it. can get violent, haha). So here we have hoards of emotion min yous surrounding a hill, the very top point being the most Dominate showing emotion, those just under it also an emotion one is feeling/showing/ and all that but not as strong as the dominate on at the very top. Now we have a goal for our immortal emotions. All they want is to be at the top. So every single one of them are in a constant unending battle to be at the top; thus explaining our 'erratic' ways as men have complained and said.

Now for certain situations or events certain emotions may be temporarily caged while others are given an edge, such as a weapon. And when a girl is on her period, all those mother%&$ers have weapons AND the terrain is changing as 'hormones' construct different paths in the brains normal behavior.

Sums it up yeah? for your immortal story idea...hmm..

Well..immortal huh? I would hate such a life...but if I must..I'll play. *sighs trailing behind you* where to mate? We could play mean pranks I suppose? Be the highlight of Halloween parties.

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