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Teh Summary

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1Teh Summary Empty Teh Summary on Sun May 09, 2010 12:19 pm

A long time ago around the 700 BC there was a great war fought between the two Egyptian people. The Pharaoh and his wife demand all his people to prepare for this Great War. But alast, they were not ready in time and soon the Pharaohs own brother kills everyone, except one child he had forgotten. It was the Pharaohs only child, a daughter to be exact. Her name was Kashikoi, and was only born a few months ago. Although small and very young she managed to crawl towards the Nile River. She soon fell into the great river and was carried down stream on a bed of twigs and mud. The child was almost immediately dragged under the river and became fossilized – alive.
Around the year 1993, this child had been brought to a museum in New York by some architects. In the heat from the drive from the airport to the museum, the mud quickly melted. Kashikoi then begins to crawl, breath, see and speak again. Within an hour or two, she is discovered by one of the workers and is taken to the police station. They find no record of her and she is placed under adoption. Not to long after, a nice woman and her husband fall in love with Kashikoi and decide to keep her. The necklace around her neck had been weathered and beaten for so long, the only letters they could make out were K-A-and what seemed to be a Y. The child grew up living with the man and women, believing that she was just another normal person, but she didn't realize how wrong she was...

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