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Watching a blink

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1Watching a blink Empty Watching a blink on Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:03 pm

Doesn't it feel like that? How young we were those years ago- still kids, slowly becoming adults- our writing and abilitries transforming only going up-my spelling, never chaning at all, haha ^^' I can't belive its only been about...what...6-7 years now since i first starter writing-and that was becasue of you Snow! ^^ Ha started so....randomly, and look at us now? In line and team with some of the best writers I've ever met (and I'm not one really to flatter- but hey, you guys rock at what you do) and we're all edging our way to the peak of HOLLY WOW THIS IS GREALY AMZINGLY AWESOME WORDS...I WANT TO READ THEM...LET, I'm tired, ha sorry. Alots happened already huh? I hope to hear from you all, and such! And i know i know, i promised to..fix the stuff- iwill! ITs so funny reading it though--how...childish our writing seemed--the ideas however so great! IT was so simple- so great, ha, what can I say? It only makes me want to write more! You'd be shocked how much work and thoguht is gonig into ASWAT O.o Speaking of which, I'll call tom. if i can, but Snow? Do you still have 'CUZIN STORY' or soemthing ithink like that? The very begining and basics of ASWAT and all that? It's fine if you don't but I kind of really hoped you would! I lvoe seeing how far we come! I just got done reading our old RP's we use to do on Zetapets (now Mythodreas) and man its jsut awesome! I want ot correct everything i wrote -.-' unfortanatly, i only have yours since i cannot see what i repleid to yours, but hey, yours is great my friend! How are you other fellas doing?

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