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The Pawn

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1  The Pawn   Empty The Pawn on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:32 am


Laying still until the moment comes.

I could not move on my own, never could but I knew what I can do and where I stood. Ready for the battle. Moving forward with my friend beside me. Sometimes they moved ahead or I leave them behind, I watch and waited form my spot.

The enemy's coming.

They would take us one by one, tear us and throw us out of sight. I would always see my friends again but that didn't make the pain go away or to morn even less. Moving forward is all we can do, moving forward and hope the giant know what it's doing. I've never seen them but I have curse at them and praise them. The battle will come to an end eventually, with us winning or with us losing and at times us never knowing. We're picked up with the enemy and place to the wayside of the battlefield, in the dark waiting and ready to battle again.

2  The Pawn   Empty Re: The Pawn on Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:13 pm


With some editing this would be in the words of an old friend 'epic'. I really enjoyed the chess poem here, ha, its a really awesome idea and I love where you were going with it! Just a little rewording and grammar issues mate, tis all! I love it. ^^ I been writing too but ha its really hard to explain how it all came about. It was sort of a a request and idea from my cuz Darcies' friend or something. All I know is the request and who to send it to when its done. Good god how do I end up in these situations...-.-' I'd rather not talk about it- and no- get your head out of that gutter!! As you can words and phrases have gotten more..suave. Hahaha ^^I hope all is well. I got to work at 2 so I should try to rest- just not feeling so hot..can't sleep...^^"

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