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The Last Tategami! part 9

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1The Last Tategami! part 9 Empty The Last Tategami! part 9 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:49 pm

The boy tied his mask back on and got up. He walked over to Kira, who was sitting down by the lake.
“Ready?” The sun was starting to set. She nodded and took his hand as he helped her up.
“Good, I know a short cut to your house from here. I won't blind fold you, so you can find the way back if you want too. Trust me, I'll be here.”
She smiled and said.
“I do.” He turned red a little but said laughing.
“Aw jee, thanks. I feel so special!” She punched him in the arm playfully. Rubbing his arm he said.
“Take it easy! You may be a girl but you sure as hell don't hit like one!”
“Hmp.” Kira smiled as she got onto his back and he started to run down alone the bank, towards a small undergrowth. It would have taken anyone else about 20 minutes to get there, but it only took him five. He knew this place well. There was a well trodden path there in front of them. A little farther ahead you could just about see the roof of about 3 houses. He stopped and let her off. He turned to her and said.
“Well bye then. But please, promise you'll tell no one, not even your closest friends about this place! Last thing I want is some people here. ...Before you know it all this will be gone and some stupid building will be put here or something like that.”
“Don't worry! I won't tell anyone! Not even my cat!” They both laughed.
“Well, bye!” He started to walk away.
“Hey! mind if you walk me home?” He stopped.
“Why? Are you really afraid of that dark or something? I can assure you that there's no animal that would harm you here. Well, without good reason. And since nobody really knows this place even exists, you should be safe.” Kira rubbed the back of her head.
“Oh, okay. Thanks. Bye! Oh, I mean, good-night!” He watched her disappear.
“Aw man...” He grumbled scratching his head as he ran and shouted.
“Wait up Kira!” He heard her foot steps stop. He caught up to her in no time. He shoved his hands in his pocket and walked next to her.
“Thanks.” He raised an eyebrow.
“No problem... I was gonna go this way anyway. You know, the scenic route.” Kira smiled and looked around her.
“There's nothing here but a fence with a lot of weeds on it and some bushes and branches.
“I know.” Kira blinked.
“Wasn't talking about them though.” Kira stopped. The boy laughed and said.
“Man! What I wouldn't give to make you see your face! Can one person really tuned that color?” Kira turned her head and walked stiffly. He raced up to her.
“Okay, sorry! I'll quit it! Really, but come on!...I wasn't making it up or nothing.” He muttered the last part to himself. They made it to her backyard. Kira hopped over the fence with ease.
“You've got some skill with that! Makes me wonder who you really are!” Kira smiled and shot back.
“I could say the same!” The back porch lights came on and some slide the glass door open and yelled.
“Kira? That you?”
“Yes dad! I'm coming.” He smiled and closed the door. Kira tuned around. The boy was no where to bee seen.
“Night.” She jumped. He laughed and walked out from behind a low branch.
“Didn't see me, huh? Ha ha!-” He fell back as a branch slapped him in the face. Kira smiled and went home. The boy raced off, back towards his hideout.
Flash-Back Ends

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