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The Last Tategami! part 11

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1The Last Tategami! part 11 Empty The Last Tategami! part 11 on Tue Jun 30, 2009 12:51 pm

“What are you guys doing? This isn't some kind of a reunion!”
Kaen snapped while turning around.
“Oh who the hell is it now!?...oh it's you... don't you have some babies to terrify and turn to stone or family to ditch sis?”
Degara folded his arms and looked up at Ty. They both smiled and looked back at their sister.
“And what do usually call a gathering of family members? Hmm??”
Nabaka's eyes twitched as she sputtered.
“, I-I, listen here you-you little pain in the ass! You know very well what I mean!”
Kaen shook his butt at his sisters face and sung.
“Can't touch this, duh, nun,nun,nun, nu-nun, nu-nun, can't touch this!”
A surge of water smacked right into Kaen, making him roll off his feet and land into a boulder, head first.
“Hello Nabaka, what brings you out here?”
Degara asked formally while bowing and sweeping his hat across the dusty rocky ground while adding.
“Did you not abandon your people long ago for some ‘confidential‘ reason?”
“Why I left and why I’m here should be none of your concern. I’m here and that’s all there is to it. But if you want I reason here’s a few. I’m just trying to find my daily dose of idiots. I think I've got enough for a life time now, however. Oh-and putting my snot nosed, immature, worthless, good for nothing, smelly, dirty, embarrassing, ass holed, disrespectful, untrustworthy, unreliable, retarded, little dumb shit brothers in their places, as usual.”
“Oh, ha,ha! Yes! Quite!...(grumbles and mutters to himself) bitch...”
Ty overheard and started to laugh. Kaen came up behind Nabaka and asked.
“What so funny? O-oh...I see....tut, tut, sis, talking about yourself like that is no way to be talking in front of us—younger protégé. Say, by the way did a Creature turn to stone yet?”
Nabaka lifted her paw up and did a hay-maker on Kaen. He shook himself and walked between his brothers.
“I know what you meant by that!”
Nabaka hissed.
“You do, do you? Hmm...perhaps my brothers don't. You see...your face does have a tendency to-how to say this...ah yes, turn people into stone because you so damn old and ugly. you know…like that Medusa lady? Wasn‘t she like your 5th cousin or something? …Well we know she learned from the best! A-sis?”
Nabaka gasped and grew red while hissing under her breath.
“Is that what you think of me!?”
“Well what'da ya know? It can be taught! But seriously, look over there.”
Right where Nabaka had thrown Kaen earlier with the water was the stone he hit. Kaen had shaped it like one of the Creatures, it's face contorted with fear and disgust. All three brothers started to laugh. Degara was bent over, Ty slapped his knee and Kaen was rolling on the ground. Nabaka turned redder and roared. She quickly stopped herself and said.
“I'm not going to even do a thing to you immature brats. Be kids for there rest of your pathetic lives if you want--”
Kaen broke in, setting them all into a stronger fit of laughter. Nabaka's eyes twitched.
“--But I’m going to do what we came here to do!-”
They all stopped and shifted their feet and avoided Nabaka‘s eyes. A huge explosion came from behind Kaen. His fur stood on end and his claws were dug deeply into the earth and stone. Everyone else, even the horse remained calm. Kaen turned around and watched.
“Well, well! Looks like your al talk baby bro! Ha,ha, a little explosion like that scaring you!’
Taunted Kaen’s kin, but he didn’t hear them. He couldn’t even move. He felt as if he’d been ripped in half and so weak he thought he was going to be sick. He tired to shake his head, move a paw, shish a tail or flick a whisker, but nothing worked. It was as if he himself was made out of stone. He knew he was still alive because he could still feel and see. ‘Damn…what is going on? Did I pull something or is Nabaka using one of her immobilizing attacks on me? No…if she was I’d probably be dead with so much of my body out of commission. Plus…she never was strong enough to use those kinds of attacks on me. So what the hell is going on!? Why aren’t the others doing anything? Is this some kind of trick? Am I paralyzed somehow? -Wait…something…my gut…I-I…I need to get into there. Where that explosion was! I must save it! Protect it!’
“Hey, whe’re you going!?”
Kaen didn't answer his siblings, he just kept running, his eyes never leaving the collapsed cave.
“Well someone go after him, the rest of us will wrap up this battle once and for all. Remember why we‘re here! We will avenge him, no matter what!”
Nabaka said.
“Here, here!”
Ty and Degara shouted nodding and ran off.
“I'll go after Kaen. Your only older by 200 or so years, so It'd really piss him off if you you do have tendency to...-”
Ty said. Degara said looking sharply at Ty
“A tendency to what?”
Ty shook his head.
“Point blankly you’re full of yourself, so just go on and get! Wasting time as it is!!”
Degara shrugged, tight lipped and narrowed eyed as he ran off into a cluster of Creatures, swing his sword with deadly accuracy and strength. He turned his head and gave Ty a ‘What do you say to that’ look. Ty groaned and turned away.
“Yah!” Ty shouted as he clicked his heals into the horses flank and snapped the reins. It whinnied and galloped in the direction Kaen went as it said.
“A little softer with those shoes of yours if you wouldn’t mind.” Ty grinned and patted the side of the horse’s neck.
“Sorry old boy, I’ll try to keep that in mind.”
“I’m not old yet! Still got another good 100 years on me!” Huffed the horse as he quickly put in.
“What did your elder kin, Nabaka, mean by ‘avenge him’?”
“I keep forgetting that you don’t know. It just seems…like…it happened yesterday.”
“I hear you…but if I’m correct, you and I teamed up not too long after the accident.”
“It was no accident...And yes. You’re right. You’re very much right…”
The horse craned its neck a little towards Ty as he jumped over a fallen log. Ty coughed and said steadily while ducking a few times.
“These things are not of this world, they are from ours.”
“What? But how can this be? Isn’t the-“
“Yes, but you see- well I’m not suppose to tell outsiders but I trust you-“
“Hmpf, you better! We’ve been together since I was just about born!”
Ty grinned and continued.
“Anyhow-about 400 years ago…almost precisely when it was Kaen’s and…well let’s just leave it at, another 10 Tailed Tategami turned 160. In our world it’s difficult to remember the years of age if you were to calculate it in this world.”
“How so?”
“Well about 160 years old they’d be about 6-10 years old. Big difference in human years, but almost nothing to us. And my horse before you, Phoenix, was perished by those creatures along with this other 10 tails and another noble man. We waged war, ten times bloodier and 10 times more violent in our world than here. These ‘Things’ as the humans call them, retreated and have been in hiding since. After that day things started to fall apart and the family started to…I guess you could say-‘go their own way’.”
“I see…so that is why you are helping the humans, if even that. It’s for vengeance?”
“Something like that…well, I guess you could call it that… but Edgar my friend, this war goes way deeper than any of us.”
Edgar grunted. They were almost to Kaen. Edgar galloped faster as he panted heavily.
“So Ty, explain to me why after all this time of hiding that they showed up here, in this world of all places. And at this time?”
Ty just shook his head.
“Only thing I can probably answer is why they’re out of hiding. You see these creatures must feed and the more they feed the stronger they get. What you see now is 400 years of damage…you can’t imagine how they were before then. So I guess they’re planning for a second attack, so they’re building up their strength. Of course there’s no guarantee that they are waging war on us. But them coming here… I just don’t get it. We keep many things secret from humans…for good reasons too. All the creatures understand this. This is why I wonder if this is a challenge to us or something of the sort. Bottom line we must drive them back before things get out of hand. Humans just can’t understand different things; usually that is. So the sooner we get these-as my brother would put it-ass holes-back to their world the sooner we can deal with them our own way! So let’s retrieve Kaen and then end this together Edgar!”

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