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Forgotten Memories Part 7

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1Forgotten Memories Part 7 Empty Forgotten Memories Part 7 on Sun May 09, 2010 12:32 pm

"Five more days, guys! Five more days!" Nekora said excitedly. Reo laughed and said. "Yea, time can fly sometimes, huh?" Kay said behind them. "Sure can!" Both Nekora and Reo jumped. Kay laughed and said walking around, going from cat, to half cat to human in a matter of second. Kay said playfully but proudly. "I think I'm starting to get the hang of this, guys!" They both rolled their eyes and Reo managed to say sarcastically. "Yea, you’re a real charmer..." He mumbled something else under his breath. Kay was in her half cat and half human form so she heard him quite well. Kay unleashed her claws, still staying as a half. Reo knew what was about to happen and he turned into a half cat half human too. Surprised? Well...Baset did more than you though, you see, she returned life back to normal, and helps Nekora and Reo be like Kay, in return of her immunity. Now that’s a mother’s love! Anyway, back to the 'fight'. Nekora yelled for them to knock it off and both decided that they would. Nekora a bit surprised let out a small sigh. Both Reo and Kay turned in to cats at the same time and were rolling on the ground laughing, trying to pin one another. Nekora rolled her eyes and joined, laughing.
I pushed Reo off of me and got up. “Alright guys that enough.” I said threw laughs. I picked up my backpack and continued walking home, with my necklace bouncing on my chest. I smiled. It was a present from Baset; she gave it to me one night, while I was asleep. It was a girl with cat ears and a cat’s tail. The wind picked up. “Jeeze, it sure is cold out here! Then again, it is going to be winter soon! Which means my birthday is coming up!” I yelled. Nekora laughed. “It’s on December 14, right?” She asked. I nodded. “I can’t wait!” Reo thought for a moment. “Wait, that means your birthday was on December last time huh, when Rexor and that other guy were still alive.” He mumbled. “Yeah, and?” I asked. He looked at me. “I don’t remember any snow!” I laughed. “It doesn’t always snow.” Nekora said. I nodded and looked forward. Reo started mumbling. I rolled my eyes and yawned. “Well Reo, you are very boring.” I said. He growled. “What did you say?” I turned to him. “Bring it on!” We started to fight until Nekora yelled. “Knock it off, now!” We both whimpered and turned around. I sighed and closed my eyes. Nekora surprisingly turned into a little Baset. She never seemed the type to yell, and now she yells all the time! Just like Baset! I opened my eyes and seen a boy. He was leaning on a tree. His brown hair was covering his eyes, almost like he was sleeping. His backpack was on the grass beside him. Apparently he goes to our school, because there isn’t another one around for almost eighty miles. “Hey, who’s that?” I asked. Nekora looked at him and then looked at me. “That’s the new guy!” She said. I blinked and looked at her. “And, who is this new guy? And why did he come now, of all times? I would’ve waited till school was over!” I chuckled. Nekora smiled. “His name is Damieon! You know, Dame-I-e-o-n!” She said slowly as she explained. I rolled my eye but smiled. “You like him huh?” She said. I blushed and coughed. “No, I don’t!” I mumbled. Nekora chuckle and smiled. Reo looked a little jealous. I kind of ignored it and walked up to him. “Hello, my name’s Kashikoi, well Kay. What is yours?” I asked politely. He opened his eyes and looked at me.
Damieon just stood there for a moment staring at Kay. Nekora was at Kay's side by now and Reo was still trying to catch up. Reo was mumbling every word under the sky, until he reached there. Reo made it panting to find Kay and Nekora shaking hands with this 'Damieon' and soon grew red. Reo shouted a ‘hey’ and went over to meet this guys, well sort of. Damieon waved a hello and then turned back to the non-stop talking Kay and Nekora. Kay heard her mom calling for her and yelled back if she could bring Nekora and Reo with her. Her mom nodded then headed off. Kay quickly said goodbye and ran off with Nekora at her heels. But before Reo could turn to run, Damieon stopped him and pinned him against a tree. Reo was terrified. Damieon just smiled and he said "So you’re Reo? That's all I heard them yap all girls around here never shut up?" He loosened Reo and Reo faked a small grin and said. "You don't know the half of it..." Reo waved and ran off to join the 'love struck' girls.
I smiled lightly as I let Reo in. “Hey Reo, why did he stop you?” I asked. He looked at me for a moment, as if he was thinking and then smiled. “Well, he just wanted to say hi.” He said. I nodded and walked into the kitchen. Something wasn’t right with Reo but I ignored it. “Hey mom, what’s for dinner?” I asked playing with my necklace. She smiled and plopped mash potatoes on someone’s plate. I took that as the answer. I sat down, Nekora sat next to me and so did Reo. I started to drift off, until Reo shook me. “Huh? What?” I mumbled. He was frowning and he turned around. I blinked and stared at him for a moment until he growled so I looked a way. Soon, without a word, dinner was over. My dad came home and kissed my mom, we all made an ‘eww’ sound. He just chuckled. “Okay, so what’s up for tomorrow?” I asked. Nekora was thinking and Reo stayed quiet. “What’s wrong with him?” I thought. I shook my head and went into my room. Nekora sat on the bed while Reo stood. “Reo, is everything alright?” I asked. He smiled but frowned soon after. “You’re acting weird.” I mumbled. I sat down on my computer chair. “Hey, how about we talk to Damieon tomorrow!” Nekora finally said. I rolled my eyes. It’s true, I had a little crush on him, but I wasn’t going head over heels for the guy! I playfully pushed Nekora and sat on the bed with her. “Hey, let’s see if Damieon likes you!” Nekora said playfully. But neither me, nor Reo took it as a joke. Reo almost growled. Soon it was time for them to go and for me to go to bed. I yawned and pulled the sheets up to my chin. I always loved to sit in my own bed. Soon I was out like the light. The next morning I got up and fell out of my bed. “Only me.” I mumbled. I heard laughing so I looked up, I couldn’t believe who it was! There sitting in front of my face was Harry! I quickly got up and he changed back. He was my age! “Well, it’s wonderful to see you again Kay. There is a lot I have to tell you.” He said. I instantly hugged him. “I’ll be going to your school until it’s out.” I nodded. We were both downstairs drinking coffee, well Harry was, and I was drinking tea. “I can’t believe it’s you! And you know everything?” I asked. He nodded. I smiled. I can’t believe Harry is back, and I can even tell him about Damieon! Man, I sure hope Damieon doesn’t turn out to be evil that would suck.
“Which do you think is better? This shirt¼or this shirt?”
“Hmm¼I like that one!”
“Yeah it,” Reo interrupted Kay and Nekora and asked annoyed.
“Why do all girls have to take a whole hour for one shirt? Come on, we are going to miss the movie!” Both girls looked at each other and smiled. Damieon had asked them to go to the movies with him. He had also been real cool about it when they asked if Reo could come along. Despite his comments and protest he wasn’t about to not go. Reo never liked Damieon since the day he was pinned against the tree by him. Secretly though, Kay and Nekora think he was also very jealous, but they never said much about it. Five minutes more had passed and Reo gave up and went into the living room to watch T.V.
Reo turned from the show he was watching when he heard foot steps behind him. His jaw dropped, his eyes went big and he stumbled out of the couch. Kay stopped halfway down the steps and asked uncertainty. “Too much? Nekora said I looked nice¼” Reo said to himself and he tried to get up, but slipped again. ‘Nice? Kay looked more than nice¼’ Realizing Kay was still waiting for his reply he stupidly squealed out. “Yeah-uh-a lot-I-I mean, yes¼beautiful¼” Kay grinned and Reo turned red. When Kay made it down she walked over to Reo and helped him up. She smiled at him as she saw his face. Kay then twirled around. Reo was turning redder by the second. She was about to say something when she noticed how red Reo was and how he was staring at her. This time it was Kay who started to turn red. Nekora popped up and asked. “Wow you guys look redder than my mom when she fell asleep on the beach last summer!” This made them go the reddest they had ever been before, and that sent Nekora in a laughing fit. For what they could make out Nekora was laughing at the looks on their faces or at someone she knew on Trading Spaces¼ Both Reo and Kay slowly turned back to their normal color and started to laugh too. Nekora gasped when she saw the clock.
“GUYS, look at the time! It’s almost 5 minutes till the movie begins”
“We’ll never make it¼” Kay whispered. Reo looked at both of them and then suddenly said “No we won’t¼” Both Kay and Nekora looked at him and in unison said. “What? But how¼?” Reo grinned and said a bit boldly. “Follow me¼”
“Watch it!”
“Has anyone seen my phone?”
“Who’s got the tickets?”
“I think I lost a shoe¼”
“Are we there yet?”
Reo rolled his eyes as he said quietly. “And they think I complain too much!” Both girls hit him and Reo rubbed his arm while saying. “Kidding¼kidding!” then he mumbled under his breath ‘sort of¼’ They hit him again and he looked up at the sky. Nekora rolled her eyes and Kay slightly smiled. The Movies came in sight and so did Damieon. Everyone got off the wolf and turned back into humans. Reo gave the wolf some special type money and the wolf ran off. “Well were here¼” Reo said, almost sadly. Kay stole a quick but curious glance over at Reo then back to Damieon. He smiled and walked up to Nekora and Kay. He bowed and kissed both girls on the hands and said. “Well you both absolutely illuminating tonight!” Kay just stared confused, Reo said some stuff under his breath and Nekora faked a smile. Damieon laughed. Reo thought he saw his eyes turn, but dismissed it. Damieon said politely. “I’m sorry, how about this then? You both look VERY nice tonight¼now who will sit with me?” Kay thought privately. ‘Yeah, but I think beautiful beats very nice any day¼’ Reo quickly went ahead and bought the tickets. He didn’t want to know if Kay was going to sit with this guy or what. The lady handed Reo the tickets and his change. Reo put on a stupid grin and the lady laughed. Reo walked on to meet up with Nekora, Kay and Damieon. Kay noticed how Reo was acting but her mind was lost¼everything she had learned from Harry, a secret sister she never knew about, the new guy, he best friends, her families, her mission, school and¼.oh there was just so much! Kay nearly passed out but shook herself firmly. She didn’t know how long she had been thinking, because all her friends we’re looking at her. Kay quickly said. “Yea, fine by me¼” Nekora looked at Kay weirdly, Damieon got this funny look on his face that said-okkkaaayy¼. - and Reo rolled his eyes and said with a hint of amusement. “Funny¼ now as I was saying, the movie will start in¼” Reo looks at his watch. “¼in 1 minute!” They all looked at each other and started to run. Someone yelled at them to slow down, but they made it around the corner. Nekora bumped into someone and quickly said sorry but dropped off. The hooded figure quickly turned back and headed away. Kay said. “Hurry Nekora!” Nekora slowly turned back as she caught up. Kay looked at Nekora and she just shrugged and Kay whispered as they got into the big, darkened room. “Who-what was that?” Before anyone could say more, Reo said bluntly. “We missed a few credits, but I think we’ll live, don’t you?” There was some “Shh!” and some other things not appropriate. Reo whispered. “The movie hasn’t even started yet!” More people shushed him. Hew mumbled a sorry and sat down. Kay and Nekora ginned at each other. Kay tried to ask more about the person or whatever it was, but the movie started. So they took their seats. Reo sat at the far end¼
I smiled as I was about to sit down, but I noticed Reo. “He’s been acting weird lately.” I thought as I stood up. I shoved my way to Reo, and I heard some people yell. “Sit down kid!” Come on! I can’t see the movie!” “What are you doing?!” I sighed and looked down at Reo. “Excuse me. Is this seat taken?” I whispered as I sat down. He shook his head no, and I think I saw him smile. I smiled a little too. We both turned are attention to the big screen when it made a sound. We started to watch, until someone yelled. Me and Reo both looked up at who was yelling and who they were yelling at. It was a man with a white shirt and black pants. He was yelling at something in a black cloak like outfit. The thing looked at me and held out a necklace. It was the one I gave Nekora! It had an angel like body and had a pink birthstone, for October. There were word inscribed on it too; they said “A perfect friend”. I looked over at Nekora, who was staring at the thing. I turned to Reo, who gave me a puzzled look. I looked over at Nekora, who shrugged and got up. She walked over to the guy and held out her hand. The thing took her hand and kissed it. The thing quickly gave Nekora, her necklace afterwards. She looked at us and sat down next to Damieon again. We all brushed it off as we looked back up at the screen. I put my arm down on the arm rest. Reo wasn’t paying attention; he was too wrapped up into the movie, and put his hand there too. I quickly pulled away and acting like nothing happened, while Reo looked at me. I smiled, waved and quickly looked back at the screen. For some reason, I couldn’t focus on the movie; I wanted to know more about that thing. And that’s just what I’m going to do. As soon as the movie was over, I said goodbye to Damieon and raced home. I’m not sure if he followed me or not, but I really wanted to be alone for a moment. I ran into a nearby forest and climbed a tree. “I have to find his scent.” I started smelling around, but couldn’t get anything but Nekora’s scent. My ears twitched. “Oh, that’s right! He has the scent of Nekora! He was holding her necklace! Duh, earth to Kay!” I slapped my head and sighed. I jumped down and tried to find Nekora’s scent again. “Where are you?” I heard some branches snap as I walked forward. “Who’s there?!” I yelled. It was that thing! He was still in the black cloak! “Who are you?!”
The voice softened as it said “My name is Ulio¼” The cloaked figure whipped around Kay, holding a knife to her throat. “Don’t move! I will tell you more. But not here¼There coming¼they can hear us¼we must move and quickly.” He grabbed Kay and quickly ran from trees, rocks, earth and even things Kay couldn’t see or name. Kay wanted to ask so many questions and so much to turn into a cat and bit this guy for treating her like some helpless kid, but she remained still and silent. Well¼for a while at least. But when she couldn’t take it much longer she blurted out halfway through the ‘trip’ talking as if she was discussing the weather. “Where are we going? Who are or should I say is Them? Who are you? Do you know me? Do you know Nekora?” That last question stopped Ulio in his tracks. Through the cloak there was nothing but darkness, but for some reason it made her feel better, especially when he answered. “Yes¼I knew her a long time ago, well before they took her¼” Kay was ready to press for more but he quickly dropped her and made a small fire, and there wasn’t even and wood! Kay had to admit, even though he seemed¼a bit rude and quiet he seemed to have some use, maybe he could help¼ Ulio quickly asked while making some dinner with what appeared to be fish, but by the smell, Kay wasn’t to sure if it was even food. “Nekora¼is she alright? How has she been? Umm¼who was that guy? Can she turn into a cat like you and your boyfriend?” Kay was going to say something but held her tongue. ‘My Boyfriend???? What right does he have to judge me or Reo or Nekora or anyone of us like that!?’ Kay grinned a bit evilly to herself as she thought of some revenge ideas. Ulio faked a cough and dropped a plate of food near her feet. ‘Maybe its poisoned¼but¼it does smell and look pretty good¼but how? That fish-like thing looked like it was¼’

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